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Her technique relieved my stress and pain, and it always makes for an enjoyable session.

Christian Simpson, Actor

Lydia Kerber

Teacher & Mum

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 6 months unsuccessfully. A friend recommended that I try reflexology, so I booked a session with Natalie. She was really wonderful. Her manner is so warm and kind I instantly felt relaxed. She listened empathetically to my concerns and dreams of conception. Natalie then tailor made the session according to my needs, working especially on the areas that were most connected to reproduction. The following month my cycle was much more regular and we became pregnant. I am convinced that reflexology played a crucial role. I am forever grateful to Natalie for my beautiful baby Willow.

Bianca Cox


To begin with, I felt a bit self-conscious and apprehensive, I also suffer from particularly ticklish feet so wasn’t sure how that was going to pan out! But, Natalie was great at helping me feel at ease and surprisingly, the way she applied pressure to my feet, was neither ticklish nor painful (although certainly was firm in places!) and I genuinely felt able to relax.


Beverley Byrne


Having very little previous knowledge of reflexology I was encouraged to have a couple of sessions with Natalie and found it such a relaxing experience. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to try it. When stuck for ideas, it would make a perfect present for a friend or relation.

Rachel Cooke


I first met Natalie 5 years ago when I started IVF, her treatments kept me calm during a stressful time.

Subsequently I have found that having regular sessions is the most holistic treatment that I have had - and I am a spa junkie!

Reflexology with Natalie keeps me incredibly relaxed, rejuvenated and completely centred. Amazing!

Christian Simpson


I have been to see Natalie for many reflexology treatments. She is simply wonderful! She spoke with me about my concerns, and really focused on those areas. You could tell she knew what she was doing. Her technique relieved my stress and pain, and it always makes for an enjoyable session. At the end she has an incredible talent for telling you all the things she found from your feet that relate to the rest of your body, some of which you didn’t even tell her. On my first session she noted back problems between lumbar 4 and 5, which is exactly where I had a slipped disc. I highly recommend her!


Her home is also very welcoming. The atmosphere is peaceful and relaxing. Her home made it easy to unwind and de-stress. I arrive tight and in some pain. However, I leave with a sense of calm floatiness, and even feeling a little bit taller!

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