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Reflexology is a technique of applying a light and gentle pressure to certain reflex points and areas on the hands and feet. This light pressure applied aims to stimulate the body’s own healing processes and helps a person’s body regain balance and well-being.


The initial session usually lasts about 1hr 15, unless a shorter session is requested. The appointment will include a full detailed and confidential medical consultation, followed by a treatment that is adjusted to suit the individual and certain areas and points may be treated more than others. Subsequent treatments will take 1hr approximately.


During the Consultation, we will discuss your general health and life-style, medication, any current symptoms or conditions, your medical history and any questions or concerns you may have. This will allow me to tailor your treatment specifically for you. Subsequent treatments will last up to an hour, unless otherwise arranged.  Before the treatment begins, I will examine your feet and hands and you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and lie down in the reclining chair or treatment bed, covering you with a blanket for extra comfort. Other techniques may be included, such as examining your nails, which will help me gain another insight into your general health.


The treatment begins with gentle, flowing movements to relax both your feet and your entire body. I will then use a compression technique using both thumbs and fingers, varying the pressure according to both your reaction to a particular point or area. Pressure applied will therefore vary from client to client. It is important to note that all reflexes will be worked, however certain points will be emphasised more than others. If any areas feel particularly sensitive, I will adjust the pressure but remain on the area to relieve congestion.

After the treatment, I will make notes of any sensitive areas and keep record of my findings. Follow-up and after care advice will be given at the end of the session. The number of Reflexology treatments you require will vary based on the reasons for having Reflexology. Some people require it for a particular condition, whilst other clients consider it essential as an ongoing course for optimal health.


Please note that Foot reflexology is more commonly practiced as the feet are more responsive, given the incredible number of nerve endings. However, the hands are still used for treatments and can be used as a great alternative and also in conjunction with foot Reflexology.


Reflexology in Richmond, St Margarets, Twickenham, Kew and Ham.

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